The results for the Griffith University /Queensland Athletic League 2016 – Gold Coast Australia Day Gift are listed below:

120 metres Gift

1. L.Gander (5 ) Time 11.94 H/H

2. R.Teltull (3)

3. L.Snuderl (9.25)

4. A.Foy (8.25)

5. J.Taylor (7.00)

6. B.Edwards (6.25)

70 metres

1. B.Stephen (8.00) Time 7.36 H/H

2. P.Taea (12.00)

3. K.Agbaleti (8.00)

4. J.Whittaker (11.50)

5. 1.Okumu (5.00)

6. J.Mispelhorn (7.00)

120 metres Invitation

1.T.Wisil (9.50) Time 12.54 H/H

2. J.Gilfillan (4.50)

3. A.McCabe ( Scr)

4. A.Pateman ( 5.50)

5. V.Kanneh (2.25)

6. N.Grosserohde (7.00)

120 Metres Novice

1. B.Edwards (2.50) Time 12.63 H/H

2. N.Grant (8.50)

3. A.Pateman (6.00)

4.N.Grosserohde (7.50)

5. M.Barker (6.00)

120 Metres Youths U/18

1. J.Whittaker ( 7.50) Time 12.73 HH

2. J.Taylor (Scr)

3. M.Barker (5.00)

4. H.Singh (18.00)

5. M.Singh (17.00)

6. H.Yell (10.50)

Womens 120 Metres


1. M.Penni ( 8.50) Time 13.53

2. M.Mackey (13.25)

3. T.Wisil ( Scr)

4. P.Taea ( 5.25)

5. G.Fairclough (15.00)

6. N.Kay (4.50)

About Griffith University

Griffith University is a comprehensive and progressive University, ranked in the top 5% of universities worldwide. Griffith has a network of more than 120,000 graduates extending around the world, as well as teaching and research across our five South East Queensland campuses.

The Gold Coast campus hosts over 16,500 students from all over Australia and the world. Widely acknowledged for its strengths in Sports and Health, Griffith’s Gold Coast Campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities including the $136 million Griffith Health Centre, co-located with the Gold Coast University Hospital.

Griffith University is very excited that it is a major partner of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games which will offer Griffith students the opportunity to participate in over 250 internships across a range of disciplines. The Gold Coast campus offers extensive sporting facilities including an Olympic-standard athletics track, a gym, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, and an Olympic-standard swimming pool, currenlty being constructed as part of the Griffith University Aquatic Centre.

University of choice for athletes

For elite athletes, combining study and training can be a challenge. With its flexible programs Griffith has become the university of choice for Australia’s top athletes and has been endorsed by the Australian Institute of Sport as an Elite Athlete Friendly University.

As a member of the Elite Athlete Friendly University Network, Griffith University has signed an agreement with the Australian Sports Commission to support the integration of Australian elite athletes’ sporting and academic aspirations.

Through the Griffith Sports College, more than 185 elite athletes take advantage of specially developed programs at Griffith to help them juggle the demands of major sporting commitments and study.

Griffith Sports Scholarships

Griffith Sports Excellence Scholarships offer up to $20,000 to elite athletes who have excelled in their chosen sport and achieved a high standard in their academic studies at high school or university.

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